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See you there!

Principles are like lighthouses.

Principles are like lighthouses.

Tonight, July 18, 2009, I made the decision to finally start my own web log.

I had been blessed with the gift of and passion for teaching. I am often referred to as a Trainer, a Facilitator, a Resource Person, a Coach, a Mentor and maybe many more… but in the end, I see my role simply as ‘an inspired bearer of inspiring messages.’

As a Behavioral Trainer, I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting thousands of beautiful people – mostly professionals. Participants of recent years would normally ask if I blog or if I have a book. I’d normally say I am too busy to blog and still in the process of putting together a book. And I’d add. “Anyway, you have my email address and mobile number, in case you need to clarify something or just want to get in touch.” Only now do I realize how ineffective this assurance is – given the daunting phrase ‘in case you need to…” How could I have not realized how limiting that was….

If you are reading this because you were in one of the learning sessions I facilitated, I just want you to know that I am writing this primarily for you. I wish to continue ‘adding fuel to the fire.’ Also, this is my way of thanking you for enriching my life in so many ways.

If you are reading this despite not having met me yet, thank you. I may have been led to you or you to me. Together, our thoughts may become wellsprings of more smiles and Ahas and Wows and Indeeds.

The choice of Echoes and Metaphors as name for this blog speaks of my reflective nature.  I have not had a talk, speech or a coaching session where I have not quoted great minds or used metaphors. Afterall, I really do have very few original thoughts.

Although Echoes and Metaphors aims to inspire us towards greatness, let this also be our way of paying tribute to those who came before us, especially to the One Great Teacher from whom I draw much inspiration.  Do His metaphors still echo in your heart?  They still do in mine.

Awakening the Winner in You_14 January 2010



  1. Yes. It does not only echoes in my heart. It is already embedded in mine…

    I’m so glad you started your web log Ms. Cris! More power for inspiring young minds (by age and by heart).


    • Wow. I love your Blog Ms. Cris. In 2016, I will call you and report to you what I have accomplished from my personal goals. Thank you so much.

      • Thank you so much! Yes, I will wait for your 2016 update. I can’t wait. haha! I will try to move your post to http://www.crislorenzana.com as this wordpress site is no longer updated.

  2. hi cris, you inspired people and let me tell you this, the fire still burning in me. thank you very much, my best wishes to you.

  3. Hi ma’am Cris! Thank you that you took time to blog. Really beautiful and inspiring! I still remember what you said before… “Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.” God bless!

  4. Hi Ms. Cris… Finally! May venue na ang mga stalkers mo. haha! Kidding! Now, I will be ‘forced’ to read an article a day like you always suggest. At least, para na rin kitang nakakausap or naririnig. Thanks also for posting our photos.

  5. Ola Cris,

    Talgang Hi tech ka na. but the truth is I am glad you did it, at least may mababasa na akong makakatulong sa akin.

    Again thank you for being a friend to us.

    Love yahhhhhhhhhhhh


    • Thank you, too, ‘Ta Phing for always making me a part of the PACC family and for being such a wonderful friend. And, I love you too. God bless you always.

  6. Hi Ma’am Cris,

    At last you have your own web log wherein we can read interesting articles… Thanks for posting our picture…

    Dapat attend ulit ako para madaming pics.. 🙂

    Congrats and more power.

    • Hi Rod! Thanks for dropping by… Yes, let’s aim for more photographs and memories. See you soon again! More power to you too.

  7. Hi Ms. Cris!

    I always enjoy attending your trainings! I can still remember the first time I attended your Training, lucky me for being chosen as substitute of our Company.

    I’d definitely attend more of your trainings!

    See you!

    • Thank you so much, dear Coy! I also enjoyed your presence during those 2 sessions. I wish you more success and more joy at what you do. Someday soon, I am sure I will also be lining up for your trainings. Keep honing the gift… 🙂

  8. Hello mam cris!, How are you, I still remember the seminar I attended, administered by you. About work ethics, it is fun and at the same time a learning experience I have had. In this world of ours, some are busy, some are happy, and others are bored, problematic, just living their life as the way it goes. We never have time to pause for a while, and then you came, talked to us. We were reminded by you, of how to live life in a meaningful ways.

    • Hi Vergel! Thank you so much for your heartwarming words and for taking the time to write them. May your continuing journey to personal and professional effectiveness be filled with little wins and big joys. I am so grateful for having met many wonderful people like you. 🙂

  9. knocking for some inspiring posts please? no rush.. hahaha, i know you are very very busy. Wish I could attend the writing seminar, however, September seems to be putting us in a neck-tight mode too…tears. tears. tears.

    Cheers po! Miss ur readings!!!! God bless.

  10. Hi mam, just dropping by to say thanx for everything. My journey as trainor right now is quietly good, teaching and educating others are not effortless kind of work, it is very challenging type and its pursue myself to make this challenging as stepping stone. every training I handle I always imagine that this training is my last training, in result the feedback is good.. now I handle in house training here in my company three topics in three different days weekly.. Again mam tnx for widening my knowledge, hope to see you again.. Good day and God Bless

    • Hi Allan! I am so happy to note that you are now one of Mariwasa’s active in-house trainers. And I am thankful to have played a small part in your journey. I knew from the moment you had your practice session that you will make a great Facilitator. Congratulations! Keep the fire burning… 🙂

  11. Ms. Cris, your October 12 calendar date was lit. So I said to myself “wow, this is the moment, she was able to blog despite her busy sched!” hehehe. However, I cannot seem to read it, maybe its under construction or something. I always believe in “Patience is a Virtue…” I will check it out once more for the days to come, it’s worth the wait…Thank’s for helping me out again ms.Cris!

    More power po 🙂

  12. Hi Cris,

    I’m happy and grateful to have meet you in our company seminar. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. You resonate so much energy and inspiration. You are a very effective facilitator. I can feel the passion in you, you just love what you are doing. That reminds me to be more determined to do mine as well.

    God bless you more abundantly.

    Hope to have a chat with you, over a cup of coffee. Let me know please if you are around.

    More power, and may you not cease in inspiring and touching souls.

    • Hi Yeng! Thank you so much for taking time to visit Echoes and Metaphors and for blessing me with more encouraging words. To God be the glory! 🙂

      I believe that what you saw in me is really a reflection of your own inner strength and beauty.

      Together, let us chase our dreams and sow more joy around. More blessing to you, dear Yeng!

  13. Hi ma’am Cris,

    I am very much happy and very thankful that you came to our company to facilitate that very interesting seminar. You are such a very nice person inside and out, a down to earth and enjoy to be with. You make me live again, i was once a very desperate person but after attending your seminar, i found the very reality why i need to work..thank you so much ma’am Cris, i learned a lot on your seminar.. More power and God bless you always…

    • Hi Jeoffrey…

      Thank you so much for the very kind words… I am deeply moved by your taking time to post this message.

      I am so grateful to have inspired you a bit. Socrates said, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, it is a fire to be ignited.” I thank God for the chance to have ignited a bit of that fire that is already within you. I wish you more success and more joy as you REALLY live each day. May God continue to bless you more abundantly…

  14. Hi Cris,

    Haven’t heard from you in awhile (it awhile longer than it seems)….

    Good thing I came upon your blog. This is better appreciated than facebook….

    Hope to catch you soon…


  15. I used to be very pleased to seek out this web-site.I wished to thanks in your time for this excellent learn!! I definitely having fun with every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

    • Hi ‘jigsaw…’ Thank you sooo much for taking the time to express how you feel. You are most welcome… It is my joy to have reached you (I do not know who you are or if we have already met before, but still, I am happy we got connected)… Thank you also for bookmarking ‘me’… I wish you well… 🙂

      A request.. please visit me from now on at http://www.crislorenzana.com. It is more updated. Thank you.

  16. Hello, ma’am Cris….
    Just miss u…. Hope ur doing fine and always healthy to continue ur great passion in life…. Also, for being a good mom and dad to ur kid…. Happy mother’s day…….
    Smile………. Ooooppppssss…….
    Wait…..I felt something different even ur far from me…… it’s a WOW……..

  17. world wide web. Such a good info website! I will be back for more.

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